Patient Divider - COVID Compliance Discount

Patient Divider - COVID Compliance Discount

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The decorative divider panels are easy to install using a suspended cable mounting kit comprised of stainless steel cables, robust mounting hardware and durable polyester resin panels. The suspended system prevents clutter or obstacles typically caused by mobile, caster-equipped dividers.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel cable suspension kit attaches to ceiling and floor preventing movement
    • Can be used with fixed or drop ceilings
    • Maximum cable length 15' for ceilings up to 14' high
    • All mounting hardware to attach to ceiling and floor included**
    • Polyester Resin panel firmly attached by 4 clamps
  • Overall panel size - 4' tall by 5' long
    • Recommend panel to be installed 1' above floor leaving top of installed panel at approximately 5' above floor leaving unobstructed view of the room
    • Allows ample clearance for proper environmental cleaning of flooring underneath panel
  • Three different panel styles: clear, frosted and flek - with color choices available

Optional Hardware:

  • 20' stainless steel suspension cable
  • C-clamp mounting bracket for steel lattice beam roof supports

Technical Specifications:

Cable (per cable) -

Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 15 feet
Thickness: 3/32 inch
Minimum break strength: 920 lbs.
Working load: 184 lbs.

Panel -

Material: Polyester Resin
Dimensions: 4' x 5'
Thickness: 0.375 inch
Weight (nominal): 50 lbs

Panel Grippers -

Grip Strength: 630 lbs
Working Load: 126 lbs