Dental Aerosols Collector
Dental Aerosols Collector
Dental Aerosols Collector

Dental Aerosols Collector

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Low cost method to capture aerosols created by Dental hand pieces!

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In the post-COVID dental environment, the ADA guidelines* states using of a High Velocity Evacuation (HVE) when performing aerosol-generating procedures such as restorative or hygiene. A standard HVE requires someone to hold the device while performing the procedure thus limiting the interaction between doctor and assistant. Boyd’s hands-free aerosols vacuum collector can be positioned to capture aerosols without interfering with doctor or staff member.

Standard Features

  • Connects to existing delivery system connection or directly to vacuum source designed to capture biological particles.
    • Standard sized vaccum tubing for universal fit to solids collector
    • Y adapter included to attach directly to location vacuum source
  • Fits all dental chairs using durable mounting hardware to attach to chair back.
    • Low profile to prevent interference with legs
    • Universal placement options
  • No HEPA or in-line filters needed which eliminates exposure to contaminated elements.
  • Fully adjustable semi-rigid gooseneck and nozzle designed for wet applications.
  • Adjustable to pivot vertically over-the-shoulder or horizontally around-the-shoulder depending on the size of the patient and chair used.
  • Made in the USA

Components Included

  • All mounting hardware